"Am Anfang war die Waffe" (First came the Weapon) in Werk-X

"Am Anfang war die Waffe" (First came the Weapon) by Amir Gudarzi unfurls the tight network and system behind the global arms lobby. Weapons made in Austria or Germany get sent to Iran, Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, - which in turn force people to leave; these people flee to the very countries where the weapons were made and fall victim to attacks by far right movements, who use the very same weapons - Gudarzi analyses the never-ending cycle of the weapons industry. Using live musicians and a moveable set, the director Maria Sendlhofer creates a stark and moving visual experience.

The world premiere was created for Vienna's Werk-X Theatre in December 2022.

Text: Amir Gudarzi
Direction: Maria Sendlhofer, Amir Gudarzi
Dramaturgy: Angela Heide
Artistic Assistant: Stella Jarisch
Artistic Assistance, stage and costume: Anne Schartmann
Stage and Costume Design: Larissa Kramarek
Lighting: Benjamin Maier
Music: July Skone, Stefan Voglsinger

Performers: Nina Fog, Christoph Griesser, Lena Kalisch, Anna Krestel, Johnny Mhanna

photo © Mani Froh